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18 and jaded [Apr. 16th, 2005|09:01 pm]
over it.
out of it.
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(no subject) [Apr. 9th, 2005|01:21 am]
[Current Music |sounds of sadness.]

i dont feel and it feels great.

nothing new to report on

act's tomarrow
got some concerta to keep me from falling asleep during that shit.

ive decided (for the 5th time) that girls are not worth persuing and will commence to live the rest of my life in lonely-ness. and upon graduation from highschool i will live by myself and get 20 cats and only leave the house to walk around the town in a bloody wedding dress and sing.
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! [Apr. 6th, 2005|09:16 pm]
[Current Mood |blankblank]
[Current Music |the pharcyde]

i spent today listening to betsy and meera complain about there problems.

who am i to complain to?
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(no subject) [Mar. 30th, 2005|12:20 am]
[Current Mood |sadtoxic wasted]
[Current Music |real big fish - we care]

ive run out of things to say
but now i know it's true
noone listens anyway

i bought a camera from University Camera. Spending all my birthday money on it.
funny story
rachel barloon was bamboozled (much like me going to prom) into taking me there. and after the sales lade, who was the nicest lady ever, proceded to take every single camera out from under the counter, calmly explaining how it was different from every other camera, and carefully explained how i would use such a device i realised "bah! i have no checks in my checkbook!" well after humiliating myself there i proceeded to go to work at 4. turns out i was supposed to go in at 7. bah!

well. i called my friend meera, she came and got me and took me to my house so i could change out of my costume i have to wear to please The Man, she took me back to university camera so i could make my purchase. after fiddling with it forever i realised "she explained where the light meter is, how to change the exposure, but i still have no idea how to load the film?" i had to count on my other sister Betsy to figure it out for me. she owed me because when we were in university camera her and meera had a discussion on how it seemed like the store that would have a secret back room that would sell "magic cauldrons." wow. girls huh?

i have a personal ad in the LH because i'm so lonely and useless and have no game.

kat dissed me and didnt come to paste up!

..what else happened today.

oh yeah i had to empty out toxic waste out of a gigantic tub of something into a loud, scary trash compactor that the devil was currently inhabiting. "the power of christ compelles you!" didnt work at all.

now im here.

kat told me if i spiced it up all my hidden fans would reveal themselves.
so i dont expect any hidden fans revealance on this post. sorry fans.
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spring break...but wait there's more! [Mar. 27th, 2005|01:36 am]
[Current Mood |calmcalm]
[Current Music |modest mouse-sleepwalking]

things i wished i did before i turned 18:
-got in a fight (a real fight)
-was more social in my school career
-safer driver
-persude skateboarding more

good things that have happened during spring break/birthday:
-went to atl
-flow from union gas
-bought my own cigarettes
-made up with elizabeth kinda
-hung out with old friends that are now new friends

most of you wont know what flow from union gas means. and i dont care to explain anything that will make me look big headed/egocentric.

spring break was awesome
i met some real cool guys from chatanooga.
i hung out with william and got some footage, which he showed to the union gas guy.
got alot of cds from william (another built to spill)
chillaxed at spencer's wild and crazy bonfire party.
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hotlanta! [Mar. 10th, 2005|11:45 pm]
[Current Music |led zep-going to california]

tomarrow is my last day here in the ic.
then the dourty souf!

so tomarrow i need to:

get wills car tags
get krunk
listen to panama by van halen
charge ipod
skate a little so i dont look a fool


went bowling today.
either david or alex didnt pay and said we had there money.
fuckin scum bags

i woke up on my stairs yesterday.
sleep walking.

william has alot of those og modest mouse cds so i dont need you suckers after all.
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18 in 20 days [Mar. 4th, 2005|03:24 pm]
if you own any of the following albums contact me immediatly so i can buy them from you/ burn them.

your choice...

Modest Mouse:
Sad Sappy Sucker
Whenever You See Fit
Interstate 8
Baron Von Bullshit Rides Again

im gonna go skhate
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its almost the weekend [Mar. 3rd, 2005|07:15 pm]
[Current Mood |boredbored]
[Current Music |neutral milk hotel - all of it]

today all i did was:

go to the mall - bought pants $20
downloaded music - led zep: going to california
played nba live 2004 - paul pierce is full of shit
watched dumb and dumber - that john denver is full of shit
looked at peoples livejournals - everyones life is just as boring as mine
went into drug town - first day: 20 minutes

listened to modest mouse
ate kiwi yogurt

i have 8 detentions...am i suspended tomarrow?

party tomarrow! get the gas jug and krunk juice.

that shit dont faze a nigga.
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from the formally published works of patrick [Mar. 2nd, 2005|12:28 am]
[Current Mood |crushedno ipod]
[Current Music |modest mouse-the waydown]

guess who's back?

me! and my exciting life!

ok today i tricked rachel barloon into giving me a ride to the r-volt. she smoked 4 cigarettes.
the cobra has his den up.

i keep biting my lip to keep from calling him that. and to think me and donnie came up with it.

my ankle is nearly better.
i got some footy today with dr. jackal.

everyone avoids me. except the zoo loo krew. im glad some people avoid me though.

good to know that not everyone is a servant of the prince of lies. (maybe i'm being a little melodramatic)
today the last shipment came into revolt and let me tell you what i bought!

a set of royal trucks (to match my sweatshirt)
the new skateboard mag (with a picture of my friend eric in it)
a 24 pack of skaterade! (its just like redbull except it says "join the revolution" on it so instead of working at a skateshop called revolt i'm supporting whatever rebellion there is through my choice of energy drink
a chocolate hat (its not really chocolate)
and a new skateboard riding deck "what i do yo?"

i forgot mypod in dylans car so right now im sad.

i work at drug town now. and no i wont sell you alcohol. because haterade is just around the corner.

i need to go to sleep now.
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